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An automated Remittance Processing or Payment Processing Solution.

Monex is a universal Remittance Processing Solution that enables an automated environment for organizations to administer and process payments from anywhere globally. While integrating its feature-rich modules into the hub of operations and processes, Monex provides a 360° view of transactions, real-time environment, scalable architecture, faster money transfers, manageable currency exchange, data integrity, ease of access, and much more while complying with up-to-date anti-money laundering (AML) policies.

As a single, fully-integrated platform and facilitating support to all types of payment methods, it operates independently, promoting process transparency while providing opportunities to manage agents, multi-currencies, cash flows, shareholders, customers, and others, promoting endless flexibility to workflows.

Features and Benefits

Monex enhances the experience of business users and service quality to the customers, and providing the 360 degree view to management for overall operations along with information / process transparency.
Multicurrency and Multilingual
Agent Management
Multi-currency Limits Management
Remittance Management
AML Compliance
Virtual Deposit Accounts
Cash Transfers
Shareholder Management
Third-party Application interfaces
Real-time multi-currency management
Flexible & configurable countries, currencies, currency exchange rates & limit management
Workflow Management
Pre-defined AML policies
Enhanced customer experience
Controlling the organization's processes
Reduces human effort

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